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Advanced Training for Detectives

 To become the best detectives you can possibly be. your boss is sending you out for some advanced training in the field.  As detectives you need to sharpen your skills by becoming experts at collecting evidence!

Assignment #1 – Collect and find the following items.



3 Pieces of Garbage

(old can, newspaper, food, bag,…)


2 Straws

Twist Tie



Assignment #2

In order to sharpen your detective skills, your boss would like you to train your eyes to look for unusual shapes.  These shapes can be anywhere, on a house, on the street, on a pole, on the ground….

Find an item that is in the shape of a diamond.

Find an item that is in the shape of a square.

Find an item that is in the shape of a circle.

Find an item that is in the shape of a rectangle.


Don’t bring these shapes to your boss, just write down in the space provided below, where you saw this shape, be very specific:


Assignment #3

Your next assignment is to sharpen your creativity and to look for things that are not so obvious. 

Find a rock that has a special shape to it.  The shape of this rock must resemble something very specific.  It can be anything….the rock can look like an animal, heart, star, car, ice cream cone, house, bus, piece of pizza, bug, person, a letter of the alphabet, an apple, ……..



Assignment #4


To test the quickness of your detective skills, your boss has planted some happy face erasers.  You will find these erasers in the backyard of the house.  You must find as many as possible.  GO!


Assignment #5

Now that your training is complete, your boss is giving you a real assignment. 

There was a jewel thief who robbed one of our local jewelry stores.  He was chased by police and during the chase, he dropped his bag of jewels.  They are scattered all around the neighborhood. Your job as detectives is to find as many of the jewels as possible.  These jewels will be returned to the store they were stolen from.

The police have told us the following:

·         The jewels are different colors, not necessarily just diamond color.


The jewel thief was chased on foot, therefore the jewels could be in the yard, on the sidewalk, in the grass, in the trees, anywhere! 

Good luck with this case.


If you have done your best to complete all assignments, you are to report back to your boss.  She will then mark your assignments and tell you how you did.


Thanks for Stopping By!

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